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May 14th, 2011 No comments

I’ve been fortunate enough go to the USA 3 times since January.  And each time I go I love it more and more.  It may not be fashionable to like America but here are ten reasons why I personally think it’s great!

  • It’s a self made country full of self made people: it has an entrepreneurial spirit. Cab drivers talk about night school and where they want to go, there is a real belief that anyone get can anywhere in America. It has a work ethic. In certain parts they give tax breaks to companies that encourage business and create jobs. The UK could learn lots here.
  • As a country they have done some amazing things from an engineering point of view like putting man into space, or continuing to lead in aviation
  • It’s large with a huge mixture of climates and terrain.
  • People talk to you! Unlike the UK where people keep themselves to themselves American’s are friendly!
  • New York.  The best city in the world.
  • The Internet was invented by the USA and they lead in tech (Apple, Google, Facebook etc etc)
  • They are the kings of entertainment. Their film industry is amazing. Great TV Shows. And Broadway is amazing. Music too. Computer games too. You name it…
  • As a rule it’s a diverse, tolerant and safe place to live.
  • They speak english!
  • English exiles in the USA (especially in NYC) are so much more interesting than english people living in England!

Of course, before all American bashers wade in, it’s not a perfect country by all means, but I like it and the above is why!

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