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On being eclectic

So my dear blog readers you may have noticed this blog is a bit of a mess thematically. It doesn’t really have a central theme as such, other than me and my rather peculiar interests and obsessions.

I originally envisaged it would be a hive of activity, updated several times a day with multiple sections and editorial strands. Kind of a poor man’s Sunday Times.  The Observer, if you like.

I wanted to write about the digital world AND aviation.  With a section on running my own business, personal fitness, london and theatre.  Augmented by musings on DNS and hosting, film, politics and travel. All the essential topics for a daily “must read” site of global significance I’m sure you’ll agree.

But can a blog have a wide a focus as this? Is it wise in these days of niche community building and focused content strategies? Will anybody want to read it?  Is someone interested in DNS also interested in aviation safety? How can I maintain several blogs if I can’t even maintain one?

These thoughts dance through my head as I  head off to bed.

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  1. August 26th, 2010 at 15:03 | #1

    Definitely write about many things – I like the thoughts of Tom Jordan :o )

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